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Grants full commercial usage.

Renew after 3,000 copies distributed.

Ideal for artists working on mixtapes.

Credit: "[Individual producer]" and/or "" 

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Grants full commercial usage.

Unlimited distributions. We only get 25% on royalties.

Beat can not be re-sold on our behalf.

Credit: "[Individual producer]" and/or ""

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1. You Get Quality Beats

We guarantee industry quality beats from our qualified, talented rap/hip hop producers.

You can check and see some of our production credits here: view credits.

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We allow you to listen to a tagged sample of the beat you will be purchasing.

Upon purchasing, you will receive an un-tagged/clean version of the beat.

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The most overlooked part about this business. People need to pay more attention to their digital tracks.

You need licenses for virtually any professional sound if its not yours.

Anybody can sue you.

Copyright violations are not a myth.

Good news though, with us, you won't have these problems. Get the most out of your next project.

6. Usage

With any rap beats for sale on the site, you will gain full usage.

This means you can record whatever over it.

You can use it as background music for whatever.

You can re-use the same beat you purchased for other projects.

These beats are flexible.

About Us

We are a rap music production team and label.

Executive producers: "Sudo", "Stunna", "Quazy", "Strate Vibes".

Other featured producers: "Yayo", "Franco Benjamin", "Lombardi", "Beats by Kid Kris", & "Caribbean Kush".

Our goal is to be your one stop shop, anytime you need to buy rap beats online.

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