Our Approach

Our goal is to make a one stop shop for your beat buying needs. We can be found on SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. If you can't find any beats to buy, you didn't look hard enough.

Our Story

I (Matt L) was chilling with Sudo and his brother one day and was like "lets start selling dope beats". The rest is history.

We've come a long way to be here. I hope you can respect the work we've put in as a team.

"TL" stands for "Thomas - Lane"

"Beats" stands for incredibly dope music made by incredibly dope producers.

We take producing seriously, we try to make the best product for our users.

Meet the Team

We work remotely and locally with rappers, producers, and executives in need of our sounds.

Founder Matt L



I have no idea what this guy does. From Atlanta, GA.

Rap Beats for Sale | TL Beats



Makes fire beats, a twin. From Detroit, MI.

Talented Producers



Engineer on the side, from Milwaukee, WI.

diamond kesawn

"Diamond Kesawn"

Lead Blogger

Blog trend king. Professional entertainment blogger.

Next Steps...

Now that you understand how cool we are, head over to our exclusive beats shop, and purchase our best product.