The following is our policy statement:

Feel free to purchase from any producer. There are no limits to the amount of beats you can purchase.

Yes, we do shows. Contact us for arrangements.

When commenting, do not post links. All other comments are welcome, moderated for spam.

We sell two types of beats. “lease” and “exclusive“. Visit our licensing page for more information on what they are and how the pricing works.

Lease beats may have varying restrictions on the amount of distributions before having to re-lease or re-purchase the beat.

A lease is basically lending at a much more affordable rate, you see this in every industry.

With beats though, leasing is much much more affordable because the amount of distributions before having to re-lease is more than fair.

When crediting, use “individual producer” in the citing. Thank you. You can put our website “” somewhere on your content.

Visit our sitemap for a list of all the pages you can access on the site.


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Thanks for reading our policy page. It is important you understand how we work, and how we can help you  achieve success in you next project.